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From Superstring Media <superstring.me...@gmail.com>
Subject Dictionaries and BXML
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 08:26:28 GMT
The Component object has style and also a user data dictionaries. This is a nice way to couple
extra data and properties with an object and each object within a component graph can act
as a scope, with its own cascading/overriding properties. 

Are these dictionaries available for any arbitrary data? I'm still working through the Pivot
source but it does seem to be possible to load and save the contents of these dictionaries
from JSON files in a dynamic fashion. If these dictionaries were used for any configuration
data desired is there then also a way to have an override mechanism where if there is not
what I call a tweak value a default value would be used instead? I remember that the Apache
Configuration API has a system for this.

I'm very impressed with BXML. I'm a little reminded of Apache Digester but BXML is much more
powerful. I can see that there is potential to use BXML for constructing object graphs other
than the UI. Are there any examples along these lines? For constructing a UI the Component
Explorer provides a good sample for me to look at.


P.S. There should most definitely be a Pivot 2.0 book published and widely promoted. I have
a feeling many developers do not know about Pivot or have not had the opportunity to take
a closer look.

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