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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Adding font properties to a TextArea
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 22:35:36 GMT
> That worked great!  I used the fillRect() method to draw the rectangle on an
> ImageView behind my TextArea.  If the end character was of a different y
> value than the start character I just don't highlight it, which is no
> problem since I only support highlighting single words.

Glad it worked. Just curious - why you are drawing on an ImageView? Could you simply attach
a decorator to the TextArea itself and call fillRect() in the prepare() method?

> One other question, if I have a tabpane and click between tabs the focus
> goes to the first component.  Say I want to switch focus to a different
> component by default, is the only way to change that behavior by using a
> tabpaneselectionlistener?

That's one option. You could also listen for visibility changes on the tab component itself,
or you could attach a custom focus traversal policy to the tab component (assuming it is a
container; I'd probably start with this option and fall back to one of the others if it doesn't
work for some reason):


You might be able to extend ContainerSkin.IndexFocusTraversalPolicy and override the getNextComponent()
method. When the component argument is null and direction is FORWARD, you could return your
custom first component.


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