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From "aappddeevv" <aappdde...@verizon.net>
Subject RE: Component names inside the containers
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 04:57:14 GMT
We'll after looking this over I'm not sure that this implements my thinking
although I believe that I understand Dirk's comments now. I think I saw:

a) The IDProperty annotation indicates which property the id/name should be
placed into.
b) The default for a Component is "name" but it could be overridden of
course with the annotation on a subclass.

I am not sure that overriding the property that sets the id is useful in

The reason why this is different than BeanNameAware is that BeanNameAware
always set the property "beanName" so it always goes through the same
property/setter interface. Clients then propagate the name to anywhere they
want underneath which as far as I ever seen, most clients set the bean name
to a property "name." If you want the equivalent of the BeanNameAware,
without any extra annotations, just use the "name" property. By using the
idproperty annotation, you are actually changing the property that the name
is set through...very different than BeanNameAware.

As for invasiveness, since the "id/name" property must be defined at the
Component level, which is fairly high up in the wtx hierarchy. The
invasiveness concept is less a concern than with pojo objects that have no
common class hierarchy--where I would agree it is more of a concern and pojo
invasiveness is more of an issue. Also, to make this useful, you need to
guarantee there is a "get" property to get the id value. The idproperty
annotation does not guarantee this in a subclass override--in other words,
external processing operations cannot rely on being able to get the name and
this makes processing ill-specified. I believe that processing external to
the Component is an important use-case ie when an id is specified using the
idproperty approach, you cannot guarantee that you can read the id.

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From: Greg Brown [mailto:gkbrown@mac.com] 
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Subject: Re: Component names inside the containers

I have prototyped this change - see attached patch. Let me know if this is
consistent with what you are envisioning. I added a static findAnnotation()
method to BeanAdapter. WTKXSerializer uses this method to locate an
IDProperty annotation and, if present, uses the value to set the given

Note that we may not be able to apply this change to Pivot 1.5.1. Adding the
name property requires a change to the ComponentListener interface, which
would break backwards compatibility. We could potentially add the ID
annotation handling to 1.5.1, though.


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