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From "Roger L. Whitcomb" <Roger.Whitc...@ingres.com>
Subject rightAlignLabels change?
Date Mon, 24 May 2010 18:29:18 GMT

                I had built a prototype piece of code using Pivot 1.4
and just now built 1.5 from SVN trunk and then rebuilt my prototype
against 1.5.  I'm getting errors now:

"rightAlignLabels" is not a valid style for org.apache.pivot.wtk.Form

                I'm assuming that this style has been eliminated in
favor of making this default and having to set "leftAlignLabels" if
necessary.  Am I reading things correctly (I've been looking at
TerraFormSkin.java).  This is the code in question:

<Form styles="{rightAlignLabels:true,showFirstSectionHeading:true}">


<Form.Section heading="Help">


                Is there a place where stuff like this has been (or will
be) documented (1.4 -> 1.5 changes)?  Sorry if this is a dumb
question....  Thanks.


Roger Whitcomb

Architect, Engineering

Ingres Corporation

roger.whitcomb@ingres.com <mailto:roger.whitcomb@ingres.com> 


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