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From David Turner <david.turner.h...@googlemail.com>
Subject Main window appears on Monitor 2
Date Sun, 30 May 2010 19:21:27 GMT
Hi People,

I have been working on my first app in pivot at work using my laptop,
where I have 2 external monitors plugged into. (laptop screen turned
off) Currently, I am working at home, and I have only my laptop, no
additional screen(s).

When I launch my application, it is appearing off to the right, where my
other monitor would be, so I cannot get to the application. Which is

I have tried launching the application from eclipse, and building a jar
with dependencies in maven, and lauching the jar. Both launch with app
in the taskbar, but not accessible.

Has anybody got any ideas how I can get to the app? At the moment, my
only plan is to wait till I get to work, and then move the app to the
primary monitor.



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