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From java programmer <java.programme...@gmail.com>
Subject Newbie Apache Pivot Evaluation
Date Sun, 16 May 2010 13:53:48 GMT

I am just new into the world of RIA world. I want to evaluate Pivot for its
capability. I have somewhat used Swing before.
I have following questions in my mind before i proceed with the development
or to lean Pivot.

1- Are there any good applications in production which are using Apache

2- I am seeing that, Pivot is made using eclipse. Mostly what i am noticing
for every component i need to write the code by hand. There is no
drag and support for components like Swing. Even to the extend i can't use
some xml editor to find out what properties a particular element is
having. Is there a solution to this problem? Any DTD available?

3- One thing which might be needed in Pivot might be the validation support.
Is pivot providing some validation framework like struts do? If not,
can we use some apache validations API inside the pivot application to
perform the validations?

4- Is it able to integrate with Spring and Hibernate?

5- Do every-time if we have to use it inside the web-application, we have to
expose it as an applet?

6- What is the learning curve for Apache Pivot? How many days it will
require to fully understand the WTKX and start coding in it efficiently?

I am looking forward to know this information.

Best Regards,
Prithvi Sehgal

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