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From Chris Bartlett <cbartlet...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Making a org.apache.pivot.wtk.Dialog resizable
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 19:55:54 GMT
Thanks for the detailed response, Greg.

As this is by design, it would be helpful if the WTKX serializer could spit
out a warning that the supplied style will be fully or partially ignored due
to the absence of preferred widths/heights.

> This would invalidate the caller's presumed intention to have the dialog
sized automatically.
If the code is making assumptions about the caller's intention, which
override explicitly provided styling information, then I really think that a
warning of some sort should be given.

Perhaps I should be thinking of styles more as hints?


On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 2:43 AM, Greg Brown <gkbrown@mac.com> wrote:

> Just a little more detail - when no explicit size is set, the assumption is
> that the caller wants the dialog to be sized automatically based on the
> preferred size of its content. Allowing the dialog to be resized in this
> case would require applying an explicit preferred size to the dialog such
> that further calls to layout() would use the explicitly-set size rather than
> the default reported by the window's skin. This would invalidate the
> caller's presumed intention to have the dialog sized automatically.
> So, if you want your dialog to be resizable, you just need to set an
> explicit preferred size yourself (since this makes it clear that you do not
> want the dialog to be sized automatically). If you want your dialog to open
> at its default size, you could potentially override open() to clear any
> previously explicitly set preferred size and then set it to the value
> returned by getPreferredSize().
> Again, hope this helps.
> Greg
> On May 26, 2010, at 3:20 PM, Greg Brown wrote:
> > Correct - this is by design. In Pivot, a window's size is defined by its
> preferred width and height properties rather than the actual width and
> height properties. This is because, like all other components, a window
> relies on its parent container (an instance of Display) to set its size.
> During layout, DisplaySkin sets the size of the window to its preferred
> size, whether explicitly defined by the caller or determined by the window's
> skin. When an explicit preferred size is not set, TerraFrameSkin (which
> TerraDialogSkin extends) reports a preferred size based on the size of its
> content. The "resizable" style is ignored in this case. However, if either
> preferred width or height is set, the flag is respected.
> >
> > This is different from AWT/Swing, which uses the pack() method to size a
> window to its content. In Pivot, packing happens automatically when one or
> both preferred dimensions is not set.
> >
> > Hope this helps.
> >
> > Greg
> >
> >
> > On May 26, 2010, at 12:11 PM, Chris Bartlett wrote:
> >
> >> I've been struggling for a few hours trying to figure out how to make a
>   org.apache.pivot.wtk.Dialog   resizable.   (Using a copy of the 1.5 trunk
> refreshed earlier today)
> >>
> >> Using   org.apache.pivot.tutorials.windows.Windows   as a base, I
> modified   'dialog.wtkx'   to include    styles="{resizable:true}"   in the
> Dialog element.
> >>
> >> This doesn't have any effect unless the   preferredWidth   and/or
>  preferredHeight  properties are also set.
> >> The code in   org.apache.pivot.wtk.skin.terra.TerraFrameSkin.mouseMove()
>   suggests this is deliberate.
> >>
> >> Am I missing something here as to why the preferred width & height are
> relevant, or should this be classified as a bug?
> >> IMHO settiing the   resizable   style should allow the Frame/Dialog to
> be resized (unless it is maximized).
> >>
> >> Regards,
> >>
> >> Chris
> >>
> >>
> >

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