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From Dominique de Vito <ddv36...@yahoo.fr>
Subject basic questions about common table renderers
Date Sun, 16 May 2010 08:55:30 GMT
I am fed up of Twitter web interface, then I currently look at Pivot in order to develop
my own Twitter RIA client.
My first idea was about to include tweets into a table.
I wanted to include a PushButton into a cell, and then, I was looking around to know how
to render such a button (into a cell) like a button !
I expected to discover a renderer into Pivot distribution in order to render common components
like PushButton, or Label. AFAIK, there is none.
And I have not discovered a (simple) way to render such a button as a cell's content.
I hope not to ask dumb questions here...
Is there already defined renderers for common components, like button, into tables ?
If yes or no, it could be worth to add few notes into http://pivot.apache.org/tutorials/ page
in order to talk about cell renderers too, existing ones, or to include a link to a page detailling
how to define custom renderer (like the case I mentionned above).


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