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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Pivot Newbie Questions
Date Sun, 23 May 2010 12:46:46 GMT
Hi apptaro,

> I'm new to Pivot and trying to create a prototype application. I was
> looking for Flex-like framework in Java, was disappointed by JavaFX,
> and I finally found Pivot and got so excited!

I am very happy to hear that.  :-)

> In my prototype, I created a OrderHeader data transfer object as POJO:
> public class OrderHeader {
> 	private Long orderId;
> 	private Date orderDate;
> 	private String orderChannel;
> 	private Customer customer;
> 	....
> 	// constructor, getters, setters
> 	....
> }
> Then I created a form using WTKX and a application logic which does
> Form.load(orderHeader).
> One problem is that I cannot format orderDate which I display using
> Label. It seems there is no way to format out of a box. Should I
> extend a Label class and override load() and store()?

If you are using Pivot 1.5, you can do this using a Label.TextBindMapping. Pass an implementation
of this interface to Label#setTextBindMapping(). You may also want to set the bind type (see

> Another problem is that ListButton does not seem to support value and
> label separation as html <option> tag does. My orderChannel has
> internal values such as "INTERNET", but I want to display as
> "Internet" in the ListButton. How should I work around this? Should I
> extend a ListViewItemRenderer class overriding render() and set it to
> the ListButton?

That is one option. You could also extend org.apache.pivot.wtk.content.ListItem and add a
"value" property.

> JSF provides very flexible formatting feature, and I wonder Pivot
> does/will provide similar feature. (I also need to format numbers and
> boolean values in Label, TextInput and TableView.)

This sounds interesting. In Pivot 1.5, most components that support data binding now provide
a mapping interface like Label.TextBindMapping. This may be sufficient for your needs, but
I would still like to understand more about how the JSF formatting feature works. Maybe it
is something that could be added in a later release.


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