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From Scott Lanham <li...@sael.com.au>
Subject Re: Production Application Based On Pivot
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 11:37:39 GMT
On Thu, 6 May 2010 08:13:04 pm Luiz Gustavo wrote:
> Hi Scott!
> First of all, very good job!

Thank you :-)

> Now I have some questions. =)
> I tried to used Pivot to build an app for a client, but the main fear among
> the guys in my company is about performance, so:
> 1) What about performance in your app?

The limiting factor with performance is the time it takes to fetch data from 
the server. The Pivot components are very responsive except for very large 
data sets in TableView ( but throwing huge globs of data at it is a data 
control issue not a UI issue ). By making sure I didn't load data using the UI 
thread the app is nice to use even when under allot of stress.

> 2) What the requirements of client machines and lan?

I haven't set any requirements for the machines and the network speed can be 
quite slow and the application is still useable as only the barest minimum of 
data is pulled from the server.

> 3) How many users?

At this stage there will only be about 15 installations. The app does hook 
into the same server the stores use which sees about 50000 transactions per 
day. I wouldn't hesitate to use Pivot for the Point Of Sale system as I think 
it would take the load perfectly well. Unfortunately I can't justify a re-
write. The present system (that I wrote) uses C# and I much prefer the Java 

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