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From Dirk Möbius <dmoeb...@scoop-gmbh.de>
Subject Re: let Sequence<T> extend Iterable<T> ?!?
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 14:27:19 GMT
Greg Brown <gkbrown@mac.com> wrote:
>>> This approach allows us to combine collection behaviors without  
>>> collisions on the Iterable type (for example,  
>>> org.apache.pivot.xml.Element implements List<Node> and  
>>> Dictionary<String, String>, which wouldn't compile if Dictionary  
>>> also implemented Iterable).
>> I didn't suggest that Dictionary<K,V> should implement Iterable.
>> I would not be feasible anyway: should it iterate on the keys or the values?
> Map<K, V> iterates over keys (since it extends Collection<K>).
> Pivot's collections all follow the same pattern:
> List<T> : Sequence<T>, Collection<T>
> Map<K, V> : Dictionary<K, V>, Collection<K>
> Set<E> : Group<E>, Collection<E>

I see. I still fail to see the collision, but I see now that you have  
a different understanding, or rather a different "vision", of how a  
collection library should look like. See, my understanding is that  
(almost) everything is a sequence, with maps being sequences of pairs,  
and a collection is an enhanced sequence which can be updated. So IMHO  
it would look like this:

   List<T> extends Sequence<T> extends Iterable<T>, Collection<T>
   Map<K, V> extends Dictionary<K, V> extends Sequence<Pair<K,V>>,
   Set<E> extends Group<E> extends Iterable<E>, Collection<E>

But I'm not a library designer, so I should probably keep my mouth  
shut. I'll stop babbling about it and won't raise this issue again.  
Thanks, Greg, for your detailed explanations!

> It wouldn't make sense to make Sequence iterable

You're the first person I get to know who says that sequences are not  
iterable. ;-)

>> Iterating over a list using indices is sooo 90ies. Why can't I simply write:
>> for (Object row : tableView.getSelectedRows()) {
>>  ...
>> }
> That's true, but getSelectedRows() is primarily meant to be a  
> convenience method. The primary means of obtaining a table view's  
> selection is getSelectedRanges(). This method returns an instance of  
> ListSelectionSequence, which could (and probably should) implement  
> Iterable.

That's ok, it would help in this case. Note that you need to make  
getSelectedRanges() return ListSelectionSequence instead of  
Sequence<Span>. And ListSelectionSequence needs to be public. (And,  
btw., you are making just one more class, which is implementing  
Sequence directly (but not List), implement Iterable. ;-)

Please don't forget ListView.getSelectedRanges(), too.
Uh, and TreeView.getSelectedPaths(). And  

> You might suggest that getSelectedRows() return a List. We don't do  
> this because it might imply that the return value is a "live"  
> collection to which the caller can listen for updates, which is not  
> the case.

So you're saying that any list that is not "live" is a sequence and is  
not iterable?!? That's odd. (Sorry, can't stop :-)


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