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From Dirk Möbius <dmoeb...@scoop-gmbh.de>
Subject Re: let Sequence<T> extend Iterable<T> ?!?
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 12:16:42 GMT
Greg Brown <gkbrown@mac.com> wrote:

> This approach allows us to combine collection behaviors without  
> collisions on the Iterable type (for example,  
> org.apache.pivot.xml.Element implements List<Node> and  
> Dictionary<String, String>, which wouldn't compile if Dictionary  
> also implemented Iterable).

I didn't suggest that Dictionary<K,V> should implement Iterable.
I would not be feasible anyway: should it iterate on the keys or the values?

So, you don't have a collision here.

> We use Sequence rather than List in our inner classes primarily  
> because we want the associated mutator events to be fired from the  
> outer class, rather than the sequence itself, as we would need to do  
> if the sequences implemented List (they would need to fire  
> ListListener events).

I didn't suggest that sequences implement List. I suggested that they  
extend _Iterable_, so that they have the iterator() method so that  
they can be used in for-each. Iterable is unaware of ListListeners, so  
sequences stay unaware of it, too. (ListListeners are in the realm of  
List, which is on top of Sequence.) I don't understand what you mean  
by saying that sequences would need to fire ListListener events if  
Sequence extends Iterable.

To give you an impression why it is useful to have Sequence extend Iterable:

TableView tableView = ...;
Sequence<?> selectedRows = tableView.getSelectedRows();
for (int i = 0, len = selectedRows.getLength(); i < len; i++) {
     Object row = selectedRows.get(i);

Iterating over a list using indices is sooo 90ies. Why can't I simply write:

for (Object row : tableView.getSelectedRows()) {

Note that a developer who is unaware of the current implementation of  
getSelectedRows() could even write the following:

for (int i = 0; i < tableView.getSelectedRows().getLength(); i++) {
     Object row = tableView.getSelectedRows.get(i);

which performs horribly because the selected rows are copied to a new  
ArrayList in a for loop in each iteration.


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