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From Dirk Möbius <dmoeb...@scoop-gmbh.de>
Subject Re: Displaying a button in a TableView
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 14:01:55 GMT
>>> You are correct - Pivot's table rendering model is very similar to  
>>> Swing's and does not allow you to actually embed other components  
>>> within a TableView.
>> *sigh* and I thought I'd finally found a GUI toolkit that makes GUI  
>> creation easy. Why is thinlet.com the only toolkit that allows  
>> that?!?
> As you noted in your earlier email, it is primarily for performance reasons.

In TerraTableViewSkin, you call the render() method of  
TableView.CellRenderer in the following situations:
Most of the time, the cell renderers in turn call their  
getPreferredWidth(), getPreferredHeight(), getBaseline(), layout() and  
paint() methods. Also, in most cases, the cell renderer subclasses a  
real component such as Label, BoxPane etc. So I cannot see a big  
difference if the cell renderer would be a real component and those  
component methods would be called directly. But I guess I'm wrong. ;-)

> Maybe a TablePane would be more appropriate for your use case?  
> TableView is primarily used to present data, whereas TablePane is  
> used for layout.

Alas no, I need sortable table headers and resizable columns.


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