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From <alejandro.vi...@synacom.com.bo>
Subject Problem with resource prefix
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 08:36:38 GMT

                I'm trying to code a login form, using a text validation for
empty passwords and almost all works fine. Also I'm using the resource
prefix to set the label and flag values like this:


<Form >



            <TextInput Form.label="%login.pwd.label"












The password label works fine, but the flag displays "%login.pwd.flag"
instead of the resource's value.


As I can see into the WTKXSerializer class, in the resolve()  method is
where the prefixes are processed, but only checks the first character, and
as the first character is a bracket the whole "{messageType:'info',
message:'%login.pwd.flag'}" is ignored.


A possible solution could be use a regex to find all the single-quoted
values and call same resolve() method for each match found and replace them
correctly, in this case for: 'info' and '%login.pwd.flag'.


Or is there another way ?


Thanks in advance.



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