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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Evaluating Pivot
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 13:57:05 GMT
> I just style the XML out of any server as WTKX if it needs to support PIVOT.  

OK. That works, but is limited for the reason I described earlier - it tightly couples the
UI and server. It is also potentially more complex than it needs to be, because it doesn't
really take advantage of data binding. It is more analogous to generating HTML on the server
and sending it back to a web browser - the data and presentation are mixed. If you simply
send back untransformed XML you can use data binding on the client to map it into your components
as well as use it as a data model.

> Is there a method for converting objects back to WTKX?  (too busy to check right now)
Then I can post a "table" or "tree" datastructure to a server and have a stylesheet shred
it back to the native xml of the server.

writeObject() is not currently supported for WTKXSerializer. It is theoretically possible,
but there are design challenges and there isn't currently a strong use case for it.

WTKX is intended to serve as a shortcut for hand-coding Java. Though you can use it as a data
exchange format, it isn't really meant to be used that way. Doing so is analogous to generating
JavaScript on your server and sending it back to the client for execution. Why not just move
that presentation logic to the client?

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