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From "David McNelis" <Dmcne...@sharedmarketing.com>
Subject Sluggish UI with the FileBrowserSheet
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 14:20:10 GMT
I was wondering if this is a product of my environment, or something
others have had issues with?  For the most part the graphical elements
I've dealt with are responsive, quick to paint, don't cause any issue.
But I've notice a lot of inconsistency when opening a FileBrowserSheet.
Sometimes it pops up immediately, the next time it might take several
seconds.  One time through it will move quickly through the directory
structure, other times there is very noticeable lag between clicking and
anything happening.


I don't think its an issue with my implementation...but if someone
thinks it might be, I can post an example from my application.  This
probably seems a minor thing to have a qualm with, but I've found myself
double clicking a directory and because there is no response from the UI
other than to highlight the directory, I end up clicking again...opening
whatever file my cursor happens to be over when I double click the
second time.  If I'm doing this and KNOW what my app is doing, I can see
end users getting easily frustrated.


Any thoughts?

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