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From Todd Volkert <tvolk...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: pivot applets and env variables
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 01:37:31 GMT
> I'm running my pivot application inside a Tomcat server, and that server
> loads a series of properties from a file and sets them on the System.
> However when a client accesses my pivot application it will start within a
> JVM in their browser, so my question is will the properties be persisted on
> their System?  or do I need to pass them in through the 'java_arguments'
> parameter?  If so is there a way to pass them in here from the System on
> the
> server side?

The JVM on the client knows nothing of the one on the server, so you'll have
to pass those properties to the applet either as system properties using the
java_arguments parameter or as applet parameters (if you don't need them to
be system properties on the client).

> Also, currently I'm also getting an exception [access denied
> (java.util.PropertyPermission my.test.url read)]
> Can I handle this by signing the applet, editing the java.policy file, or
> any other way?

Signing the applet (including the Pivot jars) would definitely work.  There
may be a less invasive way to fix it as well (I want to say I've heard
something about granting access to specific system properties in 6u10), but
I'm not sure.

If startup properties to your application would work vs. system properties,
then you wouldn't need to worry about permissions.


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