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From Scott Baxter <scott.baxte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Rich Text (HTML) Display
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 21:49:14 GMT

What were the sticking points with the Swing adapter?  It seems like a Swing
adapter would add a lot of extensibility to Pivot that may be needed as it
grows.  Specifically, there is a commercial Swing component (Ephox LiveEdit)
that I'd like to integrate into the content management type app I'm
prototyping now in Pivot.  I'm sure other potential Pivot developers have
other Swing components they'd like to integrate as well.  At the moment, I'm
afraid once I move to the implementation stage, I might have to switch back
to a JavaScript framework, which I'd really like to get away from.

Is your SwingAdapter code available for me (or anyone else) to look at as a
starting point?  (Not that I'd put much confidence in my ability to get it
to work if you haven't had any success.)


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