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From Mathias Versichele <mathias.versich...@gmail.com>
Subject Loading multiple windows
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 11:37:58 GMT
Hey everybody,

I know it's possible to load more than one window in pivot, and the sample
code from the windows section in the tutorial seems pretty straightforward.
However, the following code will only show my second window while my first
window is nowhere to be seen (it is in memory):

    public void startup(Display display, Map<String, String> properties)
throws Exception {
     this.display = display;

     wtkxSerializer = new WTKXSerializer();
        window = (Window)wtkxSerializer.readObject(this, "gui.wtkx");

        wtkxSerializer = new WTKXSerializer();
        window2 = (Window)wtkxSerializer.readObject(this, "gui.wtkx");

What am I doing wrong ?

Mathias Versichele
Bio-ir milieutechnologie / Msc. geografie
Oudburgstraat 16
9240 Zele

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