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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: svn commit: r831049
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:33:49 GMT
> I see. Are you using a bar code font in your text input? Just curious.
No, I'm only displaying the text version of the code read, using the
default font.

For displaying also the text as a barcode some year ago I used a
BarCode Font (for make some test there are some free barcode fonts,
but mainly for 39, an old standard, but working, for example here:
http://www.bizfonts.com/free/ ).

Later I could make some visual test for this.
But for another application I'll have to do (I hope with pivot ;-) )
I'll have to display to the user the generated barcode ... I'll see
how to do this but in next months.

I remember a similar trick for Substance where Kirill was displaying
some graphics (as watermarks if I remember well) using (and bundling
inside the demo jar of the application) a Japanese (free) font ...

But probably the best approach for this is to have some server side
stuff that generates an image, and return it to the client, as many
Web Sites do ... for example given some text some returns BarCode
images, others (more artistic and interesting :-) ) Japanese Text
using some artistic font ... very good for a tatoo :-)
I've found BarCode4J for example, all made in Java:

> It would not be difficult to add support for displaying control characters in TextInput,
as long as the requirement does not include completely hiding the characters (or actually
entering them via the keyboard). As long as it is sufficient to display a space where the
character exists, this can easily be added. I would make it configurable via a style ("ignoreControlCharacters")
that would default to true.
Ok, but usually applications DOESN'T have to display control chars
(nor a space).
So what do you think on a style like "escapeControlCharacters" to
control the display part, with some flag values, like "space", "none"
or "null", etc ?
And another style like "filterControlCharacters" by default true
(remove any non printable char, but in a i18n context could not be so
simple to know if a char is displayable, right ? or maybe we could
have here a regexp but could be too heavy ... ideas ?) and if false it
keep all chars as given.

Comments ?


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