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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: svn commit: r831049
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 13:56:05 GMT
> This will not be a trivial change. Can you explain in more detail why the current implementation
is not sufficient?

> I understand that the bar code scanner appends a CR/LF to the text, but this keystroke
will simply be ignored by TextInput. Even if TextInput accepted the control characters, it
wouldn't display them - so I am wondering why you even need this functionality.
Mhhh so probably current features could be enough for the display part
... I don't have to display control chars (never), and by default they
have to be filtered out, probably as currently, Ok.

But in a my application (done in dot Net, sigh) I had to test in the
input string for CR LF chars to identify if the barcode read was
complete (because barcode readers only writes the code in the input
box, char by char).
In my first version the application had a thread that any second tried
to read the input text and verify if changed with the previous
(without using control chars for marking the end of code) but this I
had some problems with timings (the app was running on a Windows CE
device, with the compact version of the latest dot Net) etc ...
So in the second version I set the dot Net input text to not filter
control chars, and simply use an event listener of onChange of
contents with inside a simple test of CR LF to ensure the barcode was
read successfully.

All of this because my customers used many different barcodes so I
couldn't rely also on a (one or more) common pattern (like a regexp)
to identify codes.

Tell me if it's not enough clear.

I agree that this could be a corner case for us ... but if dot Net
have this feature probably could be useful in many other situations
:-) .

Have you got some suggestion for the description the feature the JIRA ticket ?
Then probably this feature could be applied also to TextArea ... but
maybe later.

Thanks for the help,

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