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From Carl Marcum <carl.mar...@codebuilders.net>
Subject Issue with TableView using ListAdapter
Date Fri, 16 Oct 2009 22:09:41 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to set up an editable TableView based on table data from a
ListAdapter backed by a java.util.ArrayList from a JPA query.

I've done away with the JPA query portion and tested different ways to
build the TableView to find the problem.

The problem is the table doesn't seem to edit correctly or fire
RowEdited events when I use a ListAdapter to add table data.

For this example I'm creating "Customer" objects containing an int "id"
and a String "name" property.
If I:
1) build the pivot ArrayList in WTKX = ok.
2) build the pivot ArrayList in Java and add it via
tableView.addTableData =  ok.
3) build a java.util.ArrayList (like I would get from a JPA query)
and create a Pivot ListAdapter then add that with tableView.addTableData
=  problem

I can create an java.util.ArarryList, and add them one at a time to the
Pivot ArrayList and then use it for the table data = ok

Am I misunderstanding the use of  ListAdapter to wrap a Java List or use
an Adapter for a TableView?


Carl Marcum

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