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From Scott Lanham <li...@sael.com.au>
Subject Re: TableViewRowEditor and New Records
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 23:46:19 GMT
The row/field of a database table is encapsulated in a class called 
DataContext. So setSelectedItem will never "see" a null value only a 
DataContext object. A custom Dictionary (DataContextList) is used for 
ListButtons' list data. When setSelecteItem is called on a ListButton from 
TableViewRowEditor a DataContext instance is passed as the argument. This is 
passed to DataContextList.indexOf. As the ListButtons' list data does not 
contain a DataContext that references a null value, -1 is returned.

If it is important that setSelectedItem throws the exception I can just 
subclass the ListButton to get the behaviour I need.

On Tue, 15 Sep 2009 09:31:54 am Greg Brown wrote:
> > I modified setSelectedItem to not throw an exception if the object
> > was not
> > found in the lists' data.
> For any item value, or just null? I think null makes sense, though I
> do think an exception is justified otherwise.
> Note that you can set the button data to a value that is not in the
> list. Maybe that would help?

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