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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Messaging from Pivot: what type do you use ?
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 13:55:04 GMT
Hi Vincente,
glad to hear that you like cajo :-) ... one of the things i like is
that my code in not heavily dependent on RMI (or in the case of EJB or
JMS, my code is heavily dependent on them, and also on the chosen
application server ...).

I used a in-house solution many years ago (pre ejb 1.0 era) where the
application server was making all backend processing calling Java
objects using plain RMI ... and was not the best to develop, many
complex things to know and to handle. The problem with cajo today is
having it on a server, should be deployed on a webapp, or standalone
but in this case there isn't an existing server infrastructure to use
but anyone needs to write (one of the things i should do is writing
something like this, but i don't know if / when I'll have time).
Ah, and at the moment cajo should have some problem running in an OSGI
Container ...

Now with EJB (and after the 3.x release things are much better now)
things are much simpler, but for small or medium applications
personally I don't like to have some of the complexities required by
this solution (for example having to run the server side of my webapp
in a full Java EE Server), and probably this is why in last years
simpler approach like Spring had more success ... but could be only my

And another thing that could be useful is to avoid publish the server
logic (usually made in Java) as Web Services, to be consumed by Java
Clients (on other Servers, or maybe on Clients), if all the system is
in Java RMI is a simpler solution ... until someone needs dot Net
clients or other ... but for Corporate (Internal) Applications usually
this is not a problem. Probably this is one of the reasons why Google
leaved Web Services and moved to something simpler (but effective for
real-world usage): JSON ... and Pivot has this since beginning.

Ok, but after this long philosophical digression (completely
personal), coming to Pivot:
pivot users / developers, do you think there is something that needs
to be improved or added in next releases to support some standard
messaging framework ?

Oh, a last thing, I haven't presented myself before: I'm one of Pivot
Developers ... but not expert in Pivot as Greg or Todd :-) , until now
I've done only some general thing or little enhancements.
So the current question to pivot users.

Tell me what you think ...


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