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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Re: TableView in a ScrollPane
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 02:11:36 GMT
> I am using a  TableView in a ScrollPane. The contents is large  
> enough to need
> a vertical scrollbar. Even though the width of the TableView is  
> resizing to
> accomodate it's contents there is still a horizontal scroll bar  
> appearing that
> pretty much scrolls the distance that the vertical scroll bar is  
> taking up. Is
> there any way I can get the ScrollPane to increase it's width when  
> adding a
> vertical scroll bar rather than taking up the TableView space?

There really isn't any way to make a ScrollPane increase its own  
width, since that is up to the scroll pane's parent. However, you  
might try setting the horizonalScrollBarPolicy to FILL or  
FILL_TO_CAPACITY to see if that meets your needs. FILL means - "always  
make the view the same width as the scroll pane". FILL_TO_CAPACITY  
means "make the view the same width as the scroll pane until its  
preferred width exceeds the width of the scroll pane. The default is  
AUTO, which means "show a horizontal scroll bar if the view's  
preferred width exceeds the width of the scroll pane; otherwise, hide  

> Oh and it would be a very cool thing if the TableView could support  
> automatic
> widths :-)

By "automatic", do you mean "size to fit"? In other words, make the  
column width the max. width of all the cells in a particular column?

If so, we don't currently support that. We could conceivably do so by  
supporting a value of -1 for column width (like TablePane columns),  
but we didn't think there was a strong use case for that. TablePanes  
generally have a small number of rows, so calculating this width  
doesn't impose a performance penalty. However, TableViews are intended  
to display a large number of rows and it could be costly to determine  
this value.

On the other hand, if you know you are only going to have a small  
number of rows in your TableView, it might be a useful feature. Please  
feel free to submit a feature request for this (in JIRA).


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