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From Scott Lanham <li...@sael.com.au>
Subject Button Groups
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 01:16:54 GMT

I must be becoming one of those really annoying users.

This is just my opinion and should be ignored at will.

With button groups I think having a ButtonGroup container instance to hold the 
buttons is cleaner than having a static method that gets a Button.Group. I 
could then use something like:

<BoxPane orientation="vertical" styles="{padding:4}">
   <ButtonGroup wtkx:id="numbersGroup">
            <RadioButton wtkx:id="oneButton" buttonData="One" 
            <RadioButton wtkx:id="twoButton" buttonData="Two" />
            <RadioButton wtkx:id="threeButton" buttonData="Three" />
            <PushButton wtkx:id="selectButton" buttonData="Select"/>

Then in code:

	@WTKX private ButtonGroup numbersGroup;

Which my little brain finds easier to work with rather than the syntax in the 

	final Button.Group numbersGroup = Button.getNamedGroups().get("numbers");



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