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From Todd Volkert <tvolk...@gmail.com>
Subject Regression in LinkButton renderer functionality
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 11:31:32 GMT
LinkButton's default renderer used to be able to wrap the text of its label
(you can see the artifact of this in the LinkButtonDataRenderer
constructor).  Since the change to not support horizontally justified
horizontal box panes, this no longer works.  The reason that
LinkButtonDataRenderer is a horizontal box pane is to accommodate the image
and the text in the button data, but it means that the "fill" style won't
constrain the width of the renderer's label.  The net result in my case is
the truncation of text in my link buttons -- check out the news section at

I know I can get around this by writing a custom renderer that extends
Label, but can anyone see a way to get around it using platform classes?


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