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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Usability in Pivot Applications for Data Entry
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 15:01:03 GMT

>> And to apply also to first field in any form can i define in the
>> "global" space ?
> Not sure what you mean by this.
Instead of defining shortcuts for these elements in "local" spaces
(inside the related screen) at this point I think it's possible to
define them inside the "global" space, but using different shortcuts)
... also if they aren't main application elements.

> Spinner already handles key events. After thinking about it more, I'm not
> sure if we would want to add platform support for keyboard-navigating tab
> panes and accordions, since a) I'm not sure what the right generalization
> might be and b) it's easy enough to do in application code. Either way, you
> can do this pretty easily.
Ok, if available it's better, otherwise no problem.
My trouble here is to ensure that all Pivot Components are ready to
work in this way (as an optional behavior), so developers can only use
existing functions or attach their code to standard framework events.

And on the focus passing between components (like fields in the same
form) for example after writing a code in a field, pressing <Enter> or
when the data inside the field has been automatically validated, will
it be possible with an event to trigger, right ?
And the same for example also writing data in a Table ... where
<Enter> for example goes to the next cell or row in the table (after
optional validation of cell contents).

> You could always display the shortcut next to the field, or as a tooltip, or
> when the user presses some key combination that means "show me the shortcut
> keystrokes"...
Yes, I like this idea.

Thanks again,

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