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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject little change on theme color usage for some elements
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 23:26:23 GMT
Hi to all,
after many (many) tests on custom colors for Pivot 2.0 (
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIVOT-579 ), I've just seen what
could be an improvement (in my opinion) on how the color of some
elements are used in the Terra skin ... for example, take the
screenshot in attach (the ColorSchemeBuilder started using ubuntu
custom colors ... attention, at the moment some parts are not
committed :-) ), but you can see it with any palette.

You can see that the color of the buttons inside the Alert (and prompt
are the same) have a good contrast with background color, while
default buttons not.
During my tests on colors I've seen that some components uses the
palette color 10 (the fourth in the palette definition json file),
- background (outside groups), ok
- background in input elements, ok
- buttons, tabs , scrollbars, table headers, accordion and expanders titles, etc
  -- this in my opinion is not the best, because these aren't
background elements, BUT foreground elements
  -- so the proposal: only for these elements, why don't use the color
13 instead (or at least the 14, like buttons of Alerts and Prompts),
and keep the 10 it for background elements seen before ?

Then, I've seen that tooltips doesn't use a palette color, but a fixed
yellow color, while warning popups use it (approx. palette index 19),
so why not use the same ?

Next week I'll update the javadoc page of the Terra skin writing some
more info on where palette indexes colors are used my many components
... so this is a thing to solve before writing these info.

To test without changing the code, simply run "Kitchen Sink" or
ColorSchemeBuilder and try (even seeing a partial solution in this
case) ... hacking colors like I described.
Uh, important: note that in "Kitchen Sink" (only) some colors are
overridden in bxml file and are not those of palette ... just to

Comments / suggestions ?
But please don't tell me that "the skin have been made time ago by a
designer", because many time has passed, and now we have more skin
combinations, usage, etc ... I'd like a real discussion on this. This
is a small thing but could give a good visual effect.

And a last note, to have some more visual info, what do you think if
I'd change only a little the ColorSchemeBuilder:
- add a tooltip on any tab
- add a Listbox component
- add a Tree element
- optional, move the tree and the table in the second tab (at the moment empty)
Is it Ok ?


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