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From Spyros Kotoulas <...@few.vu.nl>
Subject Projection on the wrong columns, possible bug
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2011 16:58:59 GMT
Dear All,

There seems to be something strange going on with projections in Pig 0.8, namely I get a projection
on the wrong columns. I am using the following test case:

> cat testdata
a	b	c
a	d	e
in = LOAD 'testdata' USING PigStorage('\t') AS (S:chararray, P:chararray, O:chararray);
S1 = FILTER in BY P eq 'b';
S2 = FILTER in BY P eq 'd';
Join0 = JOIN S1 BY S, S2 BY S;
Join0P = FOREACH Join0 GENERATE S1::S,S1::O,S2::O;
DUMP Join0;
(a,b,c,a,d,e) ----- correct
DUMP Join0P;
(a,c,c) ------------- wrong, should be: (a,c,e)

Is there something wrong with the above script, or this is a bug?

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