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From Bill Graham <billgra...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache Pig 0.11.1 release candidate
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2013 18:42:12 GMT
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the work you're doing to support Pig in BigTop. Starting with
Pig 0.12, our release process will be simplified to not include rpm/deb
packages, thanks to BigTop.

I've built Pig on a multiple RHEL versions so this issue might not be as
broadly spanning as you describe. The RPMs for 0.11.0 and 0.11.1 were both
built on rhel5 instances from ec2 (ami-2d8e4c44).

While I don't mind putting together another release, I think we should
proceed to release 0.11.1rc0 for the following reasons:

- since the vote passed and to respect the time people put in
testing/validating this release
- 0.11.1 contains support for Hadoop 0.20.2 and other critical bug fixes,
which people are anxious for. For fairness to those stakeholders, these
fixes were not put into a 0.11.0 RC when discovered late in that release
- Pig 0.11.1 will contain an RPM as part of it's release artifacts.

That said, if the Pig community feels strongly that we should cancel the
release and re-issue a new one, I'm fine with shepherding that process.

As an alternative is it possible for you to build by setting the default
encoding externally? Or could you apply this patch to the pig 0.11.1 distro?


On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Mark Grover <grover.markgrover@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am a contributor to Apache Bigtop <http://bigtop.apache.org> and have a
> question for you.
> Bigtop is a TLP responsible for performing packaging and interoperability
> testing of various projects in the Hadoop ecosystem, including Apache Pig.
> We are planning to include Pig 0.11 in our soon to be released Bigtop 0.6
> distribution. However, while upgrading Pig from 0.10 to 0.11, I wasn't able
> to compile Pig 0.11.1 on RPM based
> systems<
> http://bigtop01.cloudera.org:8080/view/Bigtop-trunk/job/Bigtop-trunk-Pig/313/label=centos6/console
> >.
> There doesn't seem to be anything Bigtop specific here, I would expect this
> issue to impact all Pig users. It seems like Pig's contrib sub-project uses
> the system's default encoding for compiling code; however on RPM based
> systems, the default encoding is not suitable and breaks the build. I
> created PIG-3262 <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG-3262> to track
> this and Cheolsoo graciously committed this to Pig trunk. The essence of
> Bigtop is exactly to find integration issues like this.
> Now, I do realize that Bill and the community has done some excellent work
> in putting together 0.11.1. Perhaps, I am a little too late to ask this
> question but I thought I'd ask it anyway. Is there a possibility that the
> Pig community can release a new release candidate for 0.11.1 with the fix
> in PIG-3262?
> The pros:
> 1. It would allow Pig users to compile Pig contrib on RPM machines
> (RHEL/CentOS 5, 6, SLES 11, Fedora, etc.) which doesn't seem to be possible
> as of now.
> 2. It would enable Apache Bigtop 0.6 to include a Pig version that builds
> on all OS variants.
> The cons:
> 1. There is a cost of cutting out another release candidate to the Pig
> community. I completely understand and appreciate the cost involved;
> however, I would anticipate the cost to be minimal since a) the
> change<
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/attachment/12575962/PIG-3262.2.patch
> >is
> quite trivial; b) the change only affects the contrib functionality
> and
> not the "core" functionality, per se.
> If we do decide to release another release candidate, I would be more than
> happy to perform integration testing on it by means of Apache Bigtop.
> I do realize the unfortunate timing of this email, it would have been ideal
> if we were having this conversation a week ago while the vote was still
> going on. I will try to change that in future so please do accept my
> apologies in advance.
> Regards,
> Mark

*Note that I'm no longer using my Yahoo! email address. Please email me at
billgraham@gmail.com going forward.*

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