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From "manu [ranga]" <rcmper...@gmail.com>
Subject [gsoc2012] plan/data flow visualizer web interface - PIG-2586
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2012 22:12:52 GMT
I am interested in $subject gosc idea and preparing the proposal.

little bit of background:
I am undergrad form Univ. of moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
I did a internship last year at WSO2 [1] during which I did a data
visualization project.
It involves generating visualization gadgets for hadoop job results.
it's integrated to WSO2 BAM 2 alpha [2] release so far.
technologies/frameworks involved where - html5/css, javascript, google
closure tools/lib [3], wireit [4], jqPlot.

let me describe the main use case as I understood it:
1. user launches pig with command line, such as
   pig -x local -webconsole 8085
2. user logs to http://localhost:8085 using a browser
3. emulated console is visible in the web page via which, one can
execute usual grunt commands.
   additional UI elements exist to upload Pig Latin script, configuration, ect.
4. output of each grunt command is formatted using some html/javascript template
   eg:- ILLUSTRATE will out put neat looking html table.
5. special emphasis is given in this project to formatting EXPLAIN command.
   it will generate interactive html elements with additional meta-data.
   eg:- clicking a foreach element will expand it with more visualization.

it would be very helpful if you can clarify some of the question below:
1. did I capture the main requirement of this project in above scenario.
   is there any more required function i missed out?
2. is allowing web interface for grunt too much (out of scope) for this project?
   even thou the project is about plan visualization, i thought this is the
   most elegant way to approach the problem.
3. are the graphics (eg DAG graph) suppose to be generated on browser
side or java side?
   my personal preference is for browser generated, since it will be
easier to make
   them interactive.

(sorry for the resend russell)
any comment/feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

[1] http://wso2.com/
[2] http://dist.wso2.org/products/bam/2.0.0-alpha2/wso2bam-2.0.0-ALPHA2.zip
[3] https://developers.google.com/closure/
[4] http://neyric.github.com/wireit/

(R Chathura Manuranga Perera)

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