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From grassonsand <grassons...@gmail.com>
Subject [GSoC 2012] Self Introduction and interested projects
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:52:24 GMT
Dear all,

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and have 4-year Java 
programming experience focusing on Java Web development.
In the candidate projects in PIG, I am interested in PIG-2586 (A better 
plan/data flow visualizer) and PIG-2599 (Mavenize Pig).

In my on-going research project, I am in charge of (1). web user 
interface development and (2). build system. Now I am working on adding 
hadoop capability to the project. The main reason I am interested in the 
PIG project is that I can make a contribution to the PIG community based 
on my previous experience,  and learn from the participant in GSoC this 
year and benefit my on-going research project at the same time.

(1). User interface development
I have used several graphic libraries to visualize semantic data and our 
own data set, e.g., Jung, graphviz, BIRT, and several plot plugins in 
Therefore, I am interested in working on a new tool for PIG visualizer.
After looking through the bug issue, I have several questions:
     (i) As both swing and javascript are mentioned, is this project a 
web or standalone application?
     (ii) As ruby-graphviz is included, Is ruby required for this project?

(2). Build system
The code base of my research project is 40K loc and the build script was 
written in Ant. Part of my duty is to convert the ant build script to 
maven and maintain the build script. Therefore, Mavenize Pig is of 
interest to me too. The build.xml in PIG project is more complicated 
than the one I worked before. It includes ant, maven and ivy. Do we need 
to use maven to do all the tasks and get rid of all the dependency on 
ant, maven and ivy?

  Best regards
  Shasha(Amy) Liu

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