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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Remove Omid and Tephra server component from Phoenix distribution
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2020 15:57:04 GMT
Sounds reasonable to me.

We have the same kind of thing going since phoenix-queryserver was moved 
out to its own repository. Maybe we can come up with some conventions as 
to how we "overlay" things so that Omid, PQS, and Tephra can all have 
some semblance of familiarity?

I think that would mean, daemons and such that Omid/Tephra need to run 
would be launched via an assembly in their respective code-bases. I 
guess the difference to PQS is that each of them have jar(s) that would 
also need to be added to the HBase RegionServer classpath?

On 9/11/20 11:09 AM, Istvan Toth wrote:
> Hi!
> We are currently shipping startup scripts and [some of] the JARs necessary
> to start the server components of Omid and Tephra in the Phoenix
> distribution.
> The JARs for OMID are manually enumerated to be added to the distribution,
> and have to be updated whenever the Omid dependencies change (and are
> currently not enough to start Omid TSO), while the JARS for Tephra seem to
> be completely missing.
> I propose that we remove both from the Phoenix assembly, and instead
> document (link to the corresponding project documentations) how to install
> and run the server components for Omid and Tephra.
> This would free us from the burden of having to duplicate and maintain the
> Omid and Tephra server runtimes in our distribution, and save our users the
> frustration when we fail to do so.
> Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.
> best regards
> Istvan

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