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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [ACTION REQUIRED] Omid & Tephra Migration to Phoenix LDAP
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2019 17:32:05 GMT
Hey Lars,

I haven't asked INFRA to do anything with the OMID or TEPHRA Jira 
projects. I can only assume that they will interpret this as "don't 
touch that", but I'll drop them a line to clarify[1]

In general, I'm considering my volunteer'ed responsibilities (thanks 
AlanG ;)) to be done when Omid and Tephra have the ability to continue 
to function at the ASF. I have no expectation to define how they will 
make releases of either product -- that's on motivated individuals to 
take up. I do not presently intend to lead any integration of either 
into the "core" of Phoenix.

I'd be super-happy to know who the local "experts" will be for both Omid 
and Tephra when the eventual questions/issues arise :). That can be 
something we help build into the website (or mailing list chatter will 
be enough to show us that).

- Josh


On 12/3/19 1:17 PM, wrote:
>   That leads me to a general question:
> (1) Will OMID and TEPHRA continue to be usable standalone without Phoenix? In that case
we should keep the OMID and TEPHRA projects in Jira.
> Or (2) do we envision to tightly integrate those into the Phoenix and have them only
work in the Phoenix contexts?
> I strongly feel that option #1 is the one to go for, and we should discuss and have an
> In fact as I outlined in earlier messages, I think there are more parts of Phoenix that
are useful by themselves and should be separated out, such as the type encoders and the key-building,
as well as the high performance interface into HBase via coprocessors... among others.
> -- Lars
>     On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 9:56:24 AM PST, Josh Elser <>
>   Andreas, Gokul, Terence, and Yoni: You four should be all set as Phoenix
> committers now. Please be sure that you're subscribed to the Phoenix dev
> list for now (we'll split out new mailing lists as the need arises).
> I'll give INFRA the go-ahead to start tearing down the Omid and Tephra
> resources to move them under Phoenix.
> For those who notice this at a later date, please include me in the
> "To:" line so that I don't miss your request to retain your privileges.
> - Josh
> On 11/26/19 1:25 PM, Josh Elser wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As a part of the exit of the Incubator, we need to consolidate the Omid
>> and Tephra LDAP groups (the system that controls podling membership,
>> committer privileges, etc) with the Phoenix LDAP group.
>> For all of those Omid and Tephra podling members who intend to continue
>> to contribute to Omid or Tephra *and* are not already Phoenix committer
>> or PMC, please reply to this email (on dev@phoenix) with your ASF ID and
>> your intent to continue to contribute.
>> I know a holiday in the US is coming up, but please try to respond by
>> Monday (2019/12/02) COB. As close as we can get to the full set of
>> committers from Omid & Tephra, the easier you will all be making my
>> life. If someone does "miss" this message, please contact the Phoenix
>> PMC and we'll add you to the appropriate LDAP group at a later point
>> (your status does not expire, as per the ASF norms).
>> Thanks in advance.
>> - Josh (VP Phoenix)

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