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From Josh Elser <>
Subject NoSQL day summary
Date Fri, 24 May 2019 20:24:50 GMT
(pardon the cross-post -- please reply-list unless there's a good reason 
to cross-post some more)


While NoSQL day is fresh in my head, I wanted to share some general 
information about the event this past Tuesday.

We got started around 9:30 AM in D.C., yours truly welcoming everyone, 
followed by a fellow from Intel talking about some hardware they have 
coming and the work that Ram and Anoop have been doing about leveraging 
it in HBase (sadly, we didn't have them in person!). Two gents from 
Microsoft Azure got on stage to talk about Azure and the HBase and 
Phoenix support on HDInsight.

 From there, we broke into two rooms, each of which held seven talks. We 
had lots of familiar faces, but also had some new faces (even for me!). 
After 5pm, we broke out some drinks and snacks and had a candid 
Q&A/Panel session with a spattering of folks from each community. The 
audience gave us some questions to ask them, but I also tried to 
interject a few doozies to make them sweat.

All said and done, we had about 170 individuals registered, about 140 
folks showed up, and we had roughly 110 of them remaining by the end of 
the day. We were quite happy with these numbers as the usual percentages 
for attendees to registrants is 20-30% lower than this.

Talks were recorded with their slide presentation. Editing/processing on 
these will take some time -- I'd expect a month before I'm able to get 
these posted on YouTube for everyone (but rest assured that it will happen).

All attendees should be receiving a survey to give us feedback about the 
event, but I'd also encourage anyone else to send me feedback directly 
that doesn't want to use the form. The hope is that we can keep this 
tradition going next year, but it's always a struggle. I can say that we 
could not have done this without the sponsorship of Bloomberg, Intel, 
Microsoft, Salesforce (and, of course, Cloudera). Thank you all very much.

- Josh

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