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From Josh Elser <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Next Phoenix 5.x release (was "Board report due in ~1 week")
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2019 14:39:20 GMT
Let's leave the other thread for the board report, please. I've changed 
the subject as such.

Thanks for volunteering to be RM.

I'm of the opinion that we should just update to the latest HBase 2.0.x 
line. The compatibility assertions from HBase should make this a no-op 
for us to change versions. There are arguments, however, in both ways 
that we should use the earliest, non-breaking version of HBase.

As the RM, it is your prerogative to tell everyone else how you are 
tracking it :). Figure out what fixVersion you're using on Jira, and 
then either manage the list of open issues in there yourself, or push 
out issues and have folks put issues back in which they feel must be 

Since this is your first time, I would prioritize an rc0 ASAP so that 
you can get comfortable with the process (even if we know that there are 
other fixes which must be made before the final release).

On 4/30/19 2:34 AM, Jaanai Zhang wrote:
> I will try doing release 5.0.1. Tow things need to confirm:
> 1.  According to the thread[1],  a new Phoenix 5.0.1 will support HBase
> 2.0.2, right? As far as I know, some improvements of HBase 2.0.2 will cause
> some critical issues, for example,
> (This issue from our
> production environments, we had used HBase 2.0.2 in Phoenix 5.0).
> 2.  We should have a clear JIRA list for a 5.0.1, I am not sure what JIRAs
> should go into it, only critical and blocked JIRAs apply for a 5.0.1?  If I
> know what priority need to pick, I will collect them.
> ----------------------------------------
>     Jaanai Zhang
>     Best regards!
> Thomas D'Silva <> 于2019年4月30日周二 上午10:06写道:
>> Jaanai,
>> We are waiting for a few omid bug fixes to do the 4.15/5.1 release that
>> will have splittable system catalog and the omid integration.
>> Are you interested in doing a 5.0.1 release that has the HBase 2.0.x
>> compatibility fixes that were discussed in a previous thread[1]?
>> The steps to create a RC are straightforward and documented here:
>> The main thing you need to do is to add your code signing key to
>> (follow the steps at
>> the start of that file)
>> and then commit using svn. Then you can follow the rest of the steps listed
>> in "How to do a release"
>> Thanks,
>> Thomas
>> [1]
>> On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 6:33 PM Jaanai Zhang <>
>> wrote:
>>> I would like to volunteer for a new 5.x release if someone can guide me
>>> release process. Thanks.
>>> ----------------------------------------
>>>     Jaanai Zhang
>>>     Best regards!
>>> Josh Elser <> 于2019年4月30日周二 上午12:39写道:
>>>> Hiya folks,
>>>> It's about that time for another board report. Please reply here with
>>>> anything of merit that you think the board might find
>>>> interesting/useful. As a reminder, they board is typically more
>>>> concerned with high-level project/community details than the
>>>> nuts-and-bolts of the code changes for the project.
>>>> On my radar already is...
>>>> * Multiple new committers and PMC'ers (thanks so much to the folks who
>>>> have been driving votes!)
>>>> * NoSQL day in May
>>>> * 4.14.2 in vote
>>>> * Need for a new 5.x.y release (if there are no volunteers, I may have
>>>> to find the time to make this happen. It's been too long)
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> - Josh

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