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From twdsilva <>
Subject [GitHub] phoenix pull request #303: PHOENIX-3534 Support multi region SYSTEM.CATALOG ...
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2018 15:00:23 GMT
Github user twdsilva commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: phoenix-core/src/main/java/org/apache/phoenix/replication/
    @@ -35,20 +35,18 @@
      * during cluster upgrades. However, tenant-owned data such as tenant-owned views need
      * be copied. This WALEntryFilter will only allow tenant-owned rows in SYSTEM.CATALOG
      * be replicated. Data from all other tables is automatically passed. It will also copy
    - * child links in SYSTEM.CATALOG that are globally-owned but point to tenant-owned views.
    + * child links in SYSTEM.CHILD_LINK that are globally-owned but point to tenant-owned
     public class SystemCatalogWALEntryFilter implements WALEntryFilter {
    -  private static byte[] CHILD_TABLE_BYTES =
    -      new byte[]{PTable.LinkType.CHILD_TABLE.getSerializedValue()};
       public WAL.Entry filter(WAL.Entry entry) {
    -    //if the WAL.Entry's table isn't System.Catalog, it auto-passes this filter
    +    //if the WAL.Entry's table isn't System.Catalog or System.Child_Link, it auto-passes
this filter
         //TODO: when Phoenix drops support for pre-1.3 versions of HBase, redo as a WALCellFilter
    -    if (!SchemaUtil.isMetaTable(entry.getKey().getTablename().getName())){
    +    byte[] tableName = entry.getKey().getTablename().getName();
    +	if (!SchemaUtil.isMetaTable(tableName) && !SchemaUtil.isChildLinkTable(tableName)){
    --- End diff --
    SYSTEM.CHILD_LINK contains the parent->child linking rows and cells we use to detect
race conditions (eg a column of conflicting type being added at the same time to a parent
and child). 
    The latter cells are written with a short TTL. 
    I think we can use HBase replication for SYSTEM.CHILD_LINK. All the tenant specific view
metadata rows in SYSTEM.CATALOG start with tenant id. 
    I will modify this filter to how it was before PHOENIX-4229. 
    @gjacoby126  Thanks for the suggestion.


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