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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Almost ready for HBaseCon+PhoenixCon 2018 SanJose CFP
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2018 18:40:23 GMT
>>>> Thanks Josh for doing this.
>>>> Do they have to be conflated so? Each community is doing their own
>>>> conference. This page/announcement makes it look like they have been
>>>> squashed together.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> S
>>> You have any concrete suggestions I can change?
>> You have hbasecon+phoenixcon which to me reads as a combined 
>> conference. I
>> thought we wanted to avoid this sort of messaging. Probably best to have
>> separate announcement pages.
> I was originally intending to have separate pages, but I scrapped that 
> because:
> * I didn't have the time to make two sites (one took longer than I 
> expected)
> * I wasn't seeing content differentiation between the two
> I'm hoping that, without getting word-y, there's a way that I can better 
> express this? I definitely struggled with how to refer to these.
> Would something like having the HBase "version" read only "HBaseCon", 
> and the Phoenix "version", "PhoenixCon" make you happier? Does the 
> "About" section read as to what you were expecting or would you like to 
> see more separation there too?

Just to bring this full-circle, I've pushed an update to both websites 
to try to further clarify this if others want to re-look.

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