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From Josh Elser <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Handling missing HBase features/code across versions
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 22:40:22 GMT
Hi all,

James raised a good question on PHOENIX-3598 surrounding how Phoenix 
should handle the case when a specific version of HBase that Phoenix 
uses is lacking/missing some kind of code/functionality.

For example, I wrote some test cases which set-up a minicluster with 
Kerberos. HBase 0.98 and 1.1 never got this code, so the tests 
(obviously) don't run on those branches.

What do people think about managing the support-ability and divergence 
across all multiple branches?

What should the bar for a change in Phoenix be? (must be supported in 
against all HBase versions? OK to be missing in some versions?)

If a feature is missing or implemented differently in certain versions, 
how do we advertise that to users?

Meta: is this a sustainable model for the Phoenix project? How can we 
(continue) to make our life easier in growing Phoenix without getting 
bogged down in the HBase implementation details. (obligatory: I know 
many great folks have been long fighting this up-hill battle. I don't 
intend to throw shade on those efforts, just acknowledge that we still 
have a way to go and it would help to prioritize it).

- Josh

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