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From James Taylor <>
Subject Re: Error occurring after HBase bulk load (Expected single, aggregated KeyValue from coprocessor)
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:17:59 GMT
Hi Siva,
That message means that the coprocessors that are expected to be
installed on the HBase table are not there
(UngroupedAggregateRegionObserver and/or
GroupedAggregateRegionObserver). Or if they are there, they may be
blacklisted as they're not getting invoked as expected (there's an
HBase property, hbase.coprocessor.abortonerror, false by default, that
controls whether or not a coprocessor is blacklisted after an
exception occurs).

Did you try bouncing your cluster, as this would clear the blacklist.
Also, check in the HBase shell that the Phoenix coprocessors are
installed on the underlying HBase table. Take a look too at the region
server logs to see if you find any exceptions occurring. Check your
hbase-sites.xml to see if you're overriding the
hbase.coprocessor.abortonerror property. We typically catch Throwable
exceptions, log them, and rethrow them wrapped in a
DoNotRetryIOException, but perhaps you're hitting an edge case.


On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 8:49 AM, Nick Dimiduk <> wrote:
> Hi Siva,
> I haven't tried this yet. Just a guess, but maybe rebuilding the stats
> table after load will resolve this. Can you give it a try?
> -n
> On Thursday, June 4, 2015, Siva <> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Facing strange issue in phoenix after bulk loading data in HBase. When we
>> query count(*) on phoenix view encountered the below error, regular select
>> is working fine.
>> java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected single, aggregated KeyValue from
>> coprocessor, but instead received
>> keyvalues={lmalpinevancouver100~262/cf:chg_dt/1433442509439/Put/vlen=26/mvcc=0/value=2015-06-04
>> 11:07:11.000000,
>> lmalpinevancouver100~262/cf:dbname/1433442509439/Put/vlen=17/mvcc=0/value=lmalpinevancouver,
>> lmalpinevancouver100~262/cf:fieldid/1433442509439/Put/vlen=3/mvcc=0/value=100,
>> lmalpinevancouver100~262/cf:leadid/1433442509439/Put/vlen=3/mvcc=0/value=262,
>> lmalpinevancouver100~262/cf:value/1433442509439/Put/vlen=3/mvcc=0/value=1st}
>> . Ensure aggregating coprocessors are loaded correctly on server
>>         at
>> org.apache.phoenix.util.TupleUtil.getAggregateValue(
>>         at
>> org.apache.phoenix.expression.aggregator.ClientAggregators.aggregate(
>>         at
>>         at
>>         at
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine$IncrementalRows.hasNext(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine$TableOutputFormat.print(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine.print(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine$Commands.execute(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine$Commands.sql(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine.dispatch(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine.begin(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine.mainWithInputRedirection(
>>         at sqlline.SqlLine.main(
>> When I drop and recreate the view, it works fine. Did anyone face similar
>> issue?
>> Thanks,
>> Siva.

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