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Subject [3/4] phoenix git commit: PHOENIX-2227 Adding comments to test_scenario.xml to explain new features added.
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 18:10:47 GMT
PHOENIX-2227 Adding comments to test_scenario.xml to explain new features added.


Branch: refs/heads/4.x-HBase-1.0
Commit: 1a8f522b57de7d183464a04d075a48b7cb3fb3ce
Parents: a3f6f26
Author: Jan <>
Authored: Fri Sep 4 13:17:32 2015 -0700
Committer: Cody Marcel <>
Committed: Fri Sep 11 11:05:13 2015 -0700

 .../src/test/resources/scenario/test_scenario.xml  | 17 +++++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 15 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/phoenix-pherf/src/test/resources/scenario/test_scenario.xml b/phoenix-pherf/src/test/resources/scenario/test_scenario.xml
index 735e690..50a603e 100644
--- a/phoenix-pherf/src/test/resources/scenario/test_scenario.xml
+++ b/phoenix-pherf/src/test/resources/scenario/test_scenario.xml
@@ -220,10 +220,23 @@
                 <query id="q4" statement="select sum(SOME_INT) from PHERF.TEST_TABLE"/>
-        <!-- Test writing to a Multi-tenant View -->
+        <!-- To configure a Write Workload to write to a tenant specific view users need
+             specify the tenantId attribute on the scenario, specifying the tenant they 
+             want to write data for as the attribute value. This tells Pherf to take out
+             tenant-specific connection for executing the write workload. 
+             The name of the tenant specific view to write to can then be specified as the
value of
+             the tablename attribute. This assumes the tenant specific view has been created.
+             dynamically create the view see comments below with regard to the ddl attribute.

+        -->
         <scenario tableName="PHERF.TEST_VIEW" tenantId="abcdefghijklmno" rowCount="100"
-        <!--  Test scenario DDL -->
+        <!--  Scenario level DDL that is dynamically executed before the Write Workload
is run.
+              This pattern is really useful when you want to write data to multi-tenant view
and the tenant id is
+              tightly bound to the scenario. In such cases you can't create the view through
the data model flow.
+              The value of the tableName attribute is name of the view that is dynamically
created based on the DDL
+              in the ddl attribute. Queries accessing the View will need to manually make
sure Pherf was run with the -l option at
+              least once. 
+         -->
         <scenario tableName="PHERF.TEST_MT_VIEW" tenantId="abcdefghijklmno" 
                     ddl="CREATE VIEW IF NOT EXISTS PHERF.TEST_MT_VIEW (field1 VARCHAR) AS
                     rowCount="100" name="testMTDdlWriteScenario">

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