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From Jim Brandt <>
Subject Re: proposed memory size test method
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 19:35:09 GMT
On 8/30/05 1:05 PM, "Stas Bekman" <> wrote:

> Jim Brandt wrote:
>> The reason I recently ended up diving down the rabbit hole of the
>> same_interp_tie method was actually that I was working on writing a
>> helper method to watch memory size on a mod_perl process. My
>> methodology was simply a brute force series of requests with a memory
>> check before and after.
> Also take a look at:

Thanks for the pointer. I think my proposed test method attempts to do the
same thing as this module, but in quite a different way. To get results from
MemoryLeak, it appears you need to add a function call to the top and bottom
of your handler. It will then watch your process and dump some nice
diagnostics to the error log.

For t_mem, I was trying to create a method that would also watch memory, but
externally with no code changes. So you can write a standard external test
script, not modify your code, and find out if something is leaking on you. I
added the tolerance in an attempt to get pass/fail behavior like a normal
test, but with some allowance for small variability with memory allocation.

Also, I believe t_mem will work on handlers and Apache::Registry scripts, so
people converting to mod_perl could use it to watch their converted scripts
if they are questionable with memory usage.


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