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From "Christopher H. Laco" <>
Subject Re: make test problem underA-T
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:06:45 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>Hey, there's the empty TEST_FILES in TestMM::test. :-/
>>So, is this a bug, a feature, and oversite? 
> hmm...
> well, I use TEST_FILES all the time
>   $ make test TEST_FILES=t/Foo TEST_VERBOSE=1
> and it works just fine.  the crux of this very long message is that TESTS in
> Makefile.PL ought to be propagated somehow but isn't?

Correct. Easy to fix. I didn't want to patch it before I knew whether 
this was intended behaviour for some reason?

>>t/TEST recurses directories
>>in t 
> it has always behaved this way, which is far more useful and better than
> MakeMaker's default behavior :)  so, don't expect that to change.

I agree, but I don't. ;-> While it may be usefull, it breaks 
expectations and makes the 'make test' behave in two completely 
different ways in terms of what is found in t.

M::B does exactly the same thing as EU::MM and just runs and 
t/*.t. The simple act of using Apache-Test for just one or two 
http=based test files in a test suite completely changes how make test 
operates with respect to what files it runs. I think that's a Bad Thing. 
It's even more frustrating if youre test suite runs with AND without 

But alas, that will probably never change just because 'its always been 
that way'.

In either case, it's probably moot if TestMM did what it should with the 
test=>TESTS option in Makefile.PL.

Unless there's some reason that TestMM is deliberatly ignoring the 
test=>TESTS option, I'll patch it this evening and send that to the list.


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