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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: make test problem underA-T
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 12:50:52 GMT

Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> I have a fun problem with Apache-Test and the EU::MM test=>TESTS option.
> Long story longer.
> I recently added t/*.t tests to test my Catalyst helper modules. These
> tests call the helpers modules, which in turn cause Catalyst to create
> files (modules, tests, templates) in t/TestApp. Some of these
> autogenerated files are actually other test files that would be run in
> the Catalyst app itself..files like t/TestApp/t/01app.t.

did you try using t_write_file()?  that's a far better approach, since the
files are automatically cleaned up afterward.  there's also
t_write_perl_script() which writes out the file with a build-specific
shebang line.

[too much to digest]

> Hey, there's the empty TEST_FILES in TestMM::test. :-/
> So, is this a bug, a feature, and oversite? 


well, I use TEST_FILES all the time

  $ make test TEST_FILES=t/Foo TEST_VERBOSE=1

and it works just fine.  the crux of this very long message is that TESTS in
Makefile.PL ought to be propagated somehow but isn't?

> t/TEST recurses directories
> in t 

it has always behaved this way, which is far more useful and better than
MakeMaker's default behavior :)  so, don't expect that to change.

> which isn't as bad as the fact that it's ignoreing the option in
> Makefile.PL entirely.


> In the mean time, I'm not quite sure how to overcome this second
> make-test run problem. Trying to rmtree or ulink TestApp from t withint
> the tests that creates them just gives me a boatload of access denied
> errors. Adding a test that runs last that deletes t/TestApp works, but
> that breaks t/SMOKE since we'd no depend on that test running before the
> tests that create t/TestApp.

well, let's work on one thing at a time...


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