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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [rfc] a function to adjust @INC for live modules
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 22:34:40 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>When you develop several independent modules which are using each other,
>>it's usually a pain to always run 'make install' in all of them to get
>>the latest changes in, while working on the current module. I usually
>>try to add the lib subdirs to @INC so that I can test against liv,
>>un-installed dirs.
> yes, I recall :)
>>Things get more complicated when you have .xs
>>modules, since now you have to include blib as well, but lib must come
>>before blib.
> what's the point of that?  if you need blib for xs modules that implies that
> you're using make to update the .so files, which automatically moves changed
> perl libraries to blib anyway.  to me, using lib here starts getting really
> confusing, with the possibility that you would have made changes to .xs
> files that would not be picked up...
> but to developer his own methods :)
>>Moreover you need to deal with -T, so I've come up with the
>>following sub:
>>sub adjust_INC {
> ...
>>I was thinking to add this to Apache::TestUtil. If you like it, we
>>should come up with an intuitive name, as adjust_INC is just a temp name
>>I use in my project.
> I'd much rather see this kind of thing in one of two places
>   - a separate CPAN module
>   - incorporated into standard perl tools, like MakeMaker or Test::Builder
> the reason being that this looks to be really useful to people that want to
> develop they way you like to, so it would be more universally useful than
> being isolated in Apache-Test.
> in truth, I think Apache-Test contains lots of stuff that really ought to
> have been places somewhere else for the betterment of all.
> t_write_perl_script() and its associated mkpath and cleanup functionality,
> for example, is such a useful testing feature that it's a shame nobody else
> can use it without installing Apache-Test or duplicating the code therein...

I guess I should start Stas::CoolStuff and just throw it there :) Thanks 
for the feeback Geoff.

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