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From Jim Martinez <>
Subject YAPC Apache-Test lightning talk
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 16:45:45 GMT

I'll give a 5 minute Lightning Talks at YAPC next week (I'm already in
Toronto, yea).

I submitted the talk using this...

Topic        Apache::Test and hangman
Description  Show how Apache::Test is useful to refactor hangman

I was thinking I'd use Apache-Test to show how to refactor a cgi hangman
game, aiming the talk at the type of people who would not attend, say,
Geoffrey Young's "Writing Tests with Apache-Test" YAPC talk.  People who
might not know anything about Apache-Test.

5 minutes isn't a lot of time.  Instead maybe I could just give a 5 minute
Apache-Test info-mercial type of talk.

Here's my current outline, please feel free to comment on it:

* Intro - Apache Test is a way to test web applications in an automated

* Suppose you need to add a feature to this hangman game, maybe something
that requires lots of code movement, like an email interface.  Without
Apache-Test you'd make a few changes, move a bit of code, then click the
web app to see that the web app still works.

* Show how Apache-Test can be used to test many more test cases.

Each point above is expected to take between 60 and 90 seconds of the 5


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