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From William McKee <>
Subject Geoff's bug reporting test framework
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 18:47:04 GMT
While preparing the bug reporting skeleton for my previous report, I
came across a few issues I thought I should report. I am performing
these tests using ActiveState Perl 5.8.6 and A::T 1.20.

Firstly, it took me a bit of searching through the archives this morning
to find Geoff's bug reporting modules. I thought these were moving to
CPAN but couldn't find them and didn't see any references on the testing
page. Did I overlook them or shall I provide a doc patch?

Then while trying to get the bug-reporting-skeleton setup, I ran into
the following error:

   Can't find the mod_perl include dir at
   C:/Perl/site/lib/Apache2/Apache/ line 1535.

When I looked into the code, I saw the following comment:

   # XXX: what if apxs is not available? win32?

I can safely say that it dies under Win32. I added the
following check which skirts the issue though is probably
not a good solution:

   die "Can't find the mod_perl include dir" unless WIN32;

However, after a bit more searching in the archives, I found what looks
to be a more up-to-date release of the skeleton at

For some reason, this skeleton does not generate the above error.

Now on to the issues I had with the test package (these are based on the
older package which is also what I uploaded to my server but still apply
to the newer release):

1) It would be nice to include sample code in Makefile.PL which would
allow a custom TEST.PL to be built (which I needed to do in order to
redirect STDERR under Win*). The existing code seems to only build the
default TEST script.  Here's what I used:


2) When I upgraded to Apache 2.0.52, ActiveState Perl 5.8.6 and mod_perl
1.9921, I began to receive the following error when running t/bug.t
(this time in a dialog box rather than the usual warning message to

   The procedure entry point modperl_server_root_relative could not
   be located in the dynamic link library

The error occurs when the GET function is called. It looks like it's far
deeper into the A::T framework than I've ventured.


Knowmad Services Inc.

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