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Subject svn commit: r329502 - /perl/Apache-Test/trunk/lib/Apache/
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2005 00:51:47 GMT
Author: stas
Date: Sat Oct 29 17:51:45 2005
New Revision: 329502

document Special Placeholders and the new NextAvailablePort token


Modified: perl/Apache-Test/trunk/lib/Apache/
--- perl/Apache-Test/trunk/lib/Apache/ (original)
+++ perl/Apache-Test/trunk/lib/Apache/ Sat Oct 29 17:51:45 2005
@@ -2543,7 +2543,42 @@
 interactive config won't be skipped (if needed).
+=head1 Special Placeholders
+When generating configuration files from the I<*.in> templates,
+special placeholder variables get substituted. To embed a placeholder
+use the C<@foo@> syntax. For example in I<> you can
+  Include @ServerRoot@/conf/myconfig.conf
+When I<extra.conf> is generated, C<@ServerRoot@> will get replaced
+with the location of the server root.
+Placeholders are case-insensitive.
+Available placeholders:
+=head2 Configuration Options
+All configuration variables that can be passed to C<t/TEST>, such as
+C<MaxClients>, C<DocumentRoot>, C<ServerRoot>, etc. To see the
+complete list run:
+  % t/TEST --help
+and you will find them in the C<configuration options> sections.
+=head2 NextAvailablePort
+Every time this placeholder is encountered it'll be replaced with the
+next available port. This is very useful if you need to allocate a
+special port, but not hardcode it. Later when running:
+  % t/TEST -port=select
+it's possible to run several concurrent test suites on the same
+machine, w/o having port collisions.
 =head1 AUTHOR

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