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From Skylos <>
Subject Re: serverless programming
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2017 15:52:36 GMT
The structure around it, and the amount of management you personally have
to do to handle the infrastructure, deployment, and scaling.

If you look at 'a mod perl handler' as a separate thing from 'the instance
of the web server and its configuration that triggers that handler within
the expected environment' then you can see them as quite similar.

But what makes serverless not similar is that those matters are processed
and handled by APIs and dynamically scaled resources, making the whole
thing much simpler to deploy and manage.


On Fri, 8 Dec 2017 at 03:20 André Warnier (tomcat) <> wrote:

> On 08.12.2017 02:16, 升龙云 wrote:
> > I checked some documents about serverless programming.
> > I was just confused that, what's the real difference about serverless
> code
> > and modperl's handler?
> >
> Well, you have gotten me confused too.
> I knew nothing about "serverless programming", so I looked it up on Google.
> And I must admit that I do no see any relation at all between mod_perl
> handlers and
> "serverless programming" (apart from the fact that they both relate to
> "programming").
> Would you care to re-phrase your question ?

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